Dimplex Wescott 4i insert

Dimplex Wescott 4i insert

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Multi Fuel inset stove suitable for burning wood and most approved, manufactured smokeless fuels.


- Tested and approved to European Standard EN13229.

- Tested heat output:

- 4.3kW (Wood).

- 3.9kW (Anthracite).

- Airwash system to maintain clear door glass.

- Double-skinned construction uses natural convection to gently circulate heated air around the room.

- Designed to be used in a standard 16" fireplace opening.

- Can be installed without a flue-liner in a suitable, good-condition chimney.

- Supplied with a heat resistant mitten.

- Model No. WST4I.


- Depth of inset into fireplace opening: 190mm

- Width of inset into fireplace opening: 393mm

- Height of inset: 548mm

- Taper of inset in fireplace opening: 255mm

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