Vitae stoves

Vitae Cassette Stoves The Vitae Casstte Stoves have been designed to create a stunning focal point in any room. They incorporate the latest technology that ensures they burn fuel with superior efficiency. Created and constructed with thought and care, this stove comes in five styles, each one exuding sophistication and a contemporary design.


Features ▪ Sleek Contemporary design with beautiful views of the fire ▪ Tertiary air system for increased efficiency ▪ Airwash system for clear glass ▪ Cool touch handle ▪ Easy to light ▪ Easy to install ▪ After sales service and technical support ▪ 5kW and 8kW are EcoDesign ready ▪ Available with 3 or 4 sided frame (5kW / 8kW 4 sided only) ▪ Steel frame option available on the 5kW and 8kW ▪ Outside air: standard on 5kW and 8kW, optional on 6kW, 9kW and 11kW