Churchill 8kw double sided logstore

Churchill 8kw double sided logstore

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The Churchill Double Sided stove features two large curved glass areas making the fireview out of this world, and to make sure it stays that way we have an amazing built in airwash system that works on both sides of the stove.

As well as that, both doors can open to make reloading accessible from either side!

  • Contemporary curved doors and glass
  • Doors open on both sides
  • Cast iron grate
  • Closed combustion
  • Single air controller
  • Steel door
  • Chrome air cooled handle
  • Available freestanding or as a logstore


Overall size (WxHxD) 510mm x 965mm x 650mm
Weight (kg) 145
Output 8kW / 27,296BTU
Efficiency 81.9%
Fuel Type Wood or smokeless fuel*
Flue Diameter 150mm

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