Flickerflame 5kw Medium

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Wood burning stove, 5kW - ECODesign 2022, Smoke Control Area Exempt, 85.1% Efficient, A+ Energy Rating, 13% Dust. Designed in the UK, these stoves are the most efficient of their size in the UK, together with the lowest emissions (Dust Particles) available today.

Rated Power: 5 kW
Energy Rating: A+
Weight: 64 Kg
Efficiency: 0.851
CO (at 13% O2): 0.08
Mean Flue Temp: 218°C
DIN Plus dust (at 13% O2): 13 Nmg/m3
Mean CnHm (at 13% O2): 70 Nmg/m3
Mean NOx (at 13% O2): 98 Nmg/m3
Distance to Combustibles: Side: 400mm, Back: 250mm

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