Kamado 24 BBQ

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the Henley Kamado 24 is the perfect BBQ for entertaining large groups of family and friends this summer. Feed 10 or more people with its 24 inch diameter cooking grate. The Henley Kamado 24 is so much more than a BBQ, with it’s ceramic shell it circulates and retains heat much better that a standard kettle BBQ. The Kamado 24 model is the perfect size for back gardens, patios or even restaurants and bars.




With it’s dual vent system and ceramic shell the Kamado 21 lights and heats up in minutes meaning no waiting around.




It’s thick ceramic shell makes the Kamado 21 very safe to use as the heat doesn’t penetrate through to the outside surface meaning it will never be as hot as the surface of a standard kettle BBQ.




You aren’t just limited to sausages and burgers! With the Kamado 21 you can smoke meat, bake bread, cook pizzas, roast meat and grill steaks. All of which will have that amazing smokey flavour.




The Kamado 21’s robust construction means that it is built to last! When you buy a Henley Kamado you are buying a BBQ that will last you for years to come and can be used all year round.


Grill Diameter: 24 Inches
Colour: Black, Green, Red

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