MI Rondo 5kw LS log store

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The Rondo has a round, sculptural, super clean design. The pure lines and discreet handle of the beautifully curved door match the stoves contemporary Nordic inspired design. The large curved glass pane gives you an amazing view of the fire, where the flames really do become the focus.

A cylindrical ultra modern wood burning stove, where every detail is well thought out. With an elevated combustion chamber and ergonomically integrated steel handles.

In addition to being a stylish piece of furniture, you also get an effortlessly clean, effective and environmentally friendly combustion with simple, easy to use controls.

Rated Power: 4.9kW
Energy Rating: A
Weight: 80 kg
Efficiency: 77.7%
CO (at 13% O2): 0.09
Mean Flue Temp: 270
DIN Plus dust (at 13% O2): 30
Mean CnHm (at 13% O2): 81
Mean NOx (at 13% O2): 116

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