Naples Pizza Oven with Stand

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The Henley Naples Pizza Oven with Stand is the perfect back yard pizza oven for anyone that want’s the authentic flavour of wood-fired pizza. With its insulated shell and fire brick floor the Naples Pizza Oven can reach a temperature of 400°c in under 20 minutes. The fire brick floor means you can create that much sought after crispy base, well-cooked base in just two minutes.



Wood-fired cooking isn’t just for pizza, with the Naples Pizza Oven you can roast meat, roast veg and bake bread



The Naples Pizza Oven stand comes complete with two wheels making it very easy to move around your garden or store inside when you aren’t using it.


The Naples Pizza Oven gives you the best of all worlds as it can be used with wood-pellets, kiln dried sticks or charcoal.

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