Vortex Cub

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The Earth Fire range of firepits are are constructed from Corten Steel and are available in two sizes; The Vortex (600mm) or The Vortex Cub (350mm)

Corten Steel

Corten steel oxidises to form a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather. Unlike other steels this corrosion-retarding layer protects the steel from degradation. Even stainless steel will tarnish with the heat and loose it’s shiny new look quickly. So you can rest assured that not only will your firepit fire be safe to leave outside, but that it will look even better over time.

Revolutionary Design

The revolutionary design of the Earth Fires firepit eliminates almost all smoke and offers 360° heating creating amazing outdoor experiences.

Firepit Design

Environmentally Friendly

All our outdoor fires use wood is a sustainable and low-carbon fuel. Did you know that each tree absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide when growing as it releases when burned? That’s why we use wood rather than fossil fuels such as natural gas. If you source your wood locally you appliance can be close to carbon-neutral.

The clever secondary airwash design in our Vortex firepits reduces the particulate matter when burning helping to ensure cleaner air than a traditional firepit.


The Vortex cub is our 350mm firepit suitable for to 4 people.

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