Woodland wide logstore

Woodland wide logstore

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The Woodland stove was Best 5kW stove at both Hearth & Home and Build It awards in 2016. The Woodland is designed for burning wood efficiently and cleanly. Now fully compliant with Eco-Design Regulations for 2022.

The Woodland stove has a good size fire box for standard cut logs, the latest technology in combustion for wood and a pre heated air wash system that will keep the glass clean. Built with a high quality steel body and cast door the Woodland stove has a nominal output of 5.0kw which will serve most internal spaces well.

Models Available include the Woodland Freestanding, Woodland with Logstore, Woodland Large and Woodland Large Logstore. For details on each model select the relevant tab below.

  • Three way air control adjustment system
  • Cast iron door
  • Preheated airwash system
  • Milled stainless steel handle
  • Cast iron grate
  • Closed combustion
  • Single air control
Overall size (WxHxD) 570mm x 825mm x 425mm
Weight (kg) 124
Output to Room 7.5kW / 25,590BTU
Efficiency 79.3%
Fuel Type Wood
Flue Diameter 6” / 150mm

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